Rain Gutter

Gutter Cleaning Service

Clean and clear-flowing gutters are a vital part of regular home maintenance. Clogged gutters and downspouts can back up, overflow, and cause a variety of expensive problems and damage – sagging gutters, or even foundation damage. Grime and dirt buildup on the exterior of your gutters creates an unsightly appearance and if left unchecked can cause semi-permanent stains.

Let The Home Team deal with the nasty weather and potentially dangerous ladder climbing to restore your gutters and downspouts to full working order. We have been safely and professionally cleaning gutters in the Seattle area since 1996. Estimates are free, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Method

We never clean gutters from the ground using vacuum systems, long poles with water tips, or any of those gimmicky gutter cleaning apparatuses. They are ineffective and simply not practical. With our experience, we have found that the best way is to move a ladder along your gutters foot by foot and scoop out by hand the debris, placing into a bucket, and then into your yard waste bin, or designated yard debris disposal area. We can haul away for a small additional fee.

After the gutters are clean, we ensure that your downspouts are also clear and flowing by running some water down them.

Depending on the location of your home (and the amount/type of trees around you), we typically recommend an annual or semi-annual gutter cleaning. Ask about our annual maintenance plan!